About Me

Michail Strijov

I specialize in technical translations to and from English and German, in particular in Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Engineering as well as IT and software translation. My training as a Civil Engineer and my extensive experience as a technical translator help me understand complex technical material such as patents, documentations and technical proposals – thereby ensuring that your translation meets the highest standards regarding accuracy and completeness.

I almost exclusively translate English › German and Russian › German. When I take on a translation into English, I usually work with a native speaker in order to make sure the translation sounds natural and is impeccable in terms of grammar / orthography.

My Translation Process

My procedures, developed through many years of experience, are designed to ensure that my translations satisfy stringent requirements regarding accuracy and correctness.

1. Confirmation

You send me your document and receive a quote stating the price and the delivery deadline. Once you confirm the order, I can start working on your translation.

2. Translation Draft

I read the document and research any terminology that needs clarifying. Then I write a first translation draft, following any specific instructions given and using specialized translation tools to ensure consistency.

3. Editing

Unless your project is urgent, I let the text rest so I can edit it with a fresh mind the next morning, checking it for accuracy, consistency and fluidity. Grammar and orthography are also reviewed in this step.

4. Quality Assurance

In this step I run my final translation draft through a set of specialized tools in order to find any inconsistencies, syntax errors, missing numbers and punctuation, formatting issues etc.

5. Delivery

Finally, you receive the translation by the agreed deadline, along with a report detailing certain aspects. Thus it is easy for you to reconstruct every step of my translation process.