IT Translation Services

I provide quality German IT translation services using specialized software to make the process as seamless as possible. You can contact me for a free quote at any time, or check out what my clients say about my work.

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Why Translate Software?

Translating your IT content into German offers a great opportunity to make your software accessible and appealing to some 100 million people who speak German as their first language (and around 200 million German speakers in total). Whether it’s an app, a desktop application, or a web product – you will significantly expand your business opportunities by having it translated by a qualified and experienced German translator.

The German-speaking public:

  • will, quite often, only be able to use software products if they are properly localized
  • will prefer software that is properly localized for the German market
  • is often ready to pay more for a product in their own language

While IT translation is essentially a subtype of technical translation, there are still some key differences between the two. IT translations need to be properly tested in order to ensure that everything works well in context; they often require in-depth knowledge of IT terminology – in an industry that is known for rapid change and transformation; and they often require some technical work in order to extract the actual text from the code and put it back in place without damaging it.

Why Me?

Personal Service

I take time to learn about your business, your background, your product and the subject matter, thus ensuring that you receive a translation that is custom-tailored your needs.

Technical Expertise

I was trained as an engineer at one of the best technical universities in Germany. I am fascinated by how things work, and I enjoy the research part of my work tremendously.

Quality Standards

A well-crafted and consistent text will make a good impression on customers and business partners alike. I proofread all my translations and use advanced QA tools in order to deliver highest quality.


I've been working as a freelance translator since 2013, and I've seen a thing or two in the meantime. I know the typical pitfalls of the job, and I am always eager to learn.

Quick Turnaround

I offer same-day delivery for short translations, and I can consistently handle around 3,000 words per day.


I am responsible, punctual, and most importantly: I love my work!

My Translation Process

My procedures, developed through many years of experience, are designed to ensure that my translations satisfy stringent requirements regarding accuracy and correctness.

1. Confirmation

You send me your document and receive a quote stating the price and the delivery deadline. Once you confirm the order, I can start working on your translation.

2. Translation Draft

I read the document and research any terminology that needs clarifying. Then I write a first translation draft, following any specific instructions given and using specialized translation tools to ensure consistency.

3. Editing

Unless your project is urgent, I let the text rest so I can edit it with a fresh mind the next morning, checking it for accuracy, consistency and fluidity. Grammar and orthography are also reviewed in this step.

4. Quality Assurance

In this step I run my final translation draft through a set of specialized tools in order to find any inconsistencies, syntax errors, missing numbers and punctuation, formatting issues etc.

5. Delivery

Finally, you receive the translation by the agreed deadline, along with a report detailing certain aspects. Thus it is easy for you to reconstruct every step of my translation process.